We're on a mission to make investing accessible to all


Is to offer an all-in-one
investing solution

With InvestSky, people no longer have to get lost in multiple apps, drown in fragmented communities across social media in search of investment insights, or pay high fees to make an investment.

InvestSky offers an all-in-one solution to a more efficient and enjoyable investing journey for the MENA investors, both new and experienced ones.

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  • Compassion first

    We believe people are interconnected, and strive to create space for active communication. It's the power of human interaction that allows us to dream big and achieve greater results.

  • Humbleness is more important than confidence

    In our work culture, we embrace equality, collaboration, honesty, experimentation, and constant learning to empower each team member.

  • Resilience builds character (and great companies)

    At InvestSky, we cultivate optimism and the ability to stay balanced.

  • Curiosity is power

    We are always on the lookout for new ideas and trends, and take pleasure in learning every day.

  • Reliability empowers trust

    Delivering promises, whether to a team member or to InvestSky's community is our top priority, always.

  • Innovation is king

    On a mission to build a better future, do not settle for anything less than a breakthrough.

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